The Keep It Out campaign, logo and resources

The Keep It Out campaign, logo and resources were first developed by Fresh in 2010 and since then, various elements of the campaign have been reviewed and refined based on extensive insight with various audiences including focus groups and retailer interviews as well as several waves of biannual in-depth illicit tobacco surveys across our region.

The Keep It Out campaign is an integral part of the Fresh comprehensive tobacco control programme which is commissioned and funded by seven local authorities in the North East of England, and the campaign continues to be live across these areas.

The Keep It Out logo is designed as part of a package of illicit tobacco campaign materials which has a specific call to action, linking to the Keep It Out website and associated online reporting form and telephone reporting line.

For a much smaller cost than developing a campaign locally, we can make the campaign package available to local authorities to use as part of broader commissioned and funded support around illicit tobacco. This could include the use of our website, reporting channels, radio adverts, web advertising and materials such as leaflets, posters and retailer guides, including translated versions. The cost of course will depend on your local requirements. We recommend that this activity takes place within the context of the Illicit Tobacco Programme Strategic Framework as a key component within wider tobacco control activity aimed at reducing smoking rates overall.

For your own reporting channels to work well and to avoid confusion for the public, we do advise strongly that you do not use the Keep It Out logo or branding in areas where the Keep It Out campaign is not live. We know from our website analytics that members of the public will Google ‘Keep It Out’ and end up visiting the Keep It Out campaign website and reporting channels. However, these are only live for local authorities that commission our campaign support and this will potentially dilute any local call to action that local authorities are running.

We are really supportive of local authorities working together to promote evidence-based approaches to reducing the supply of and demand for illicit tobacco and if local authorities would like to explore commissioning and funding the Keep It Out campaign across a larger scale we would be more than happy to have those discussions.

We therefore strongly advise against the use of the Keep It Out brand without our prior permission and we trust that you will respect this clear position.

For more information, please contact us.